British Unfairly Ban Hot Caddies On Some Courses

Oh, so now that you’re getting the Olympics, EYE CANDY CADDIES aren’t good enough for you, eh, England? Hot girls distributing woods and putters are now culturally offensive? Come on Britain, when did you get so high and mighty? I’ve seen your tabloids; you’re not fooling anyone.

Ebony Gilbert, Amy Graham

(If Ebony Gilbert and Amy Graham can’t caddy, how will they make a living?)

A service that provides attractive girls to act as caddies for a day of golf (and nothing else!) is being banned by at least one string of golf courses in England because the girls “are not appropriate for a game that has been selected as an Olympic sport.” Bollocks!

In an idea that has somehow not taken the world by storm, EYE CANDY CADDIES has developed a service that provides female caddies for golf outings, plus a drink in the clubhouse afterward. Here in the U.S., we have a similar concept, PLAY GOLF DESIGNS, in which hot girls actually golf with you. But the genius of EYE CANDY CADDIES lies right in the name — something nice to look at who won’t show you up by outdriving you on the 14th.

Blair ONeal

(I guess Blair O’Neal won’t be invited to the British Isles anytime soon)

But the owner of some courses in Southeast England has banned the service:

A spokesperson for Leaderboard said: “Anyone who seriously cares about the development of the game should work to ensure that it is as professional, inclusive, and culturally inoffensive as any other major sport.

“Exploiting outmoded notions of golf as a male bastion is not ‘just a bit of fun’ — it damages the reputation of the sport as a whole as well as its appeal to members of the younger generation of either sex.”

Sorry Leaderboard, but when I golf, my caddy is like my right arm. I need to know that the person giving me distance advice is a Sagittarius, and considers the best part of her body “The bottom.”

Katy Glyn

Favorite part of the above: Q — What makes you laugh? A — Golf shoes.

Although golf is recognized by the IOC as a demonstration sport, it will not be included in the 2012 London Games. A vote in October will determine if it will make it for 2016.