British Teen Wins Five Medals At World Transplant Games

BRIT TEEN WINS 5 MEDALS AT WORLD TRANSPLANT GAMES: A young British athlete proves that you can take his kidney, but you can’t take his heart:

Adam Phillips World Transplant Games

icBERKSHIRE tells the tale of Adam Phillips, a 13-year-old who bagged five medals at the recent World Transplant Games in Bangkok, Thailand.

Phillips grabbed the gold in the 100-meter dash, long jump and ball throw events; succeeded with silver in the table tennis singles; and bought the bronze in the 4×100 meter relay.

More remarkable was the fact that he accomplished all these feats with a borrowed kidney. When he was 2 years old, Phillips received the new organ from his father in a life-saving operation.

World Transplant Games closing

The stated goal of the Transplant Games is to “demonstrate the physical success of transplant surgery, and to raise awareness of the need to increase organ donation.”

Phillips’ hardware helped lead Britain to a first-place finish in the final standings, bringing home over 200 medals.

Adam’s advice to other hopefuls is to train hard, and keep going until you reach your goals. As for the medical issues, he says, “Go over the pain barrier. Put yourself in the position you want to be.”

John Daly UCLA football Utah

Next year’s Transplant Games will likely welcome some new members, such as John Daly (liver) and the UCLA football squad (heart).