British Tabloid Taunts Aussies Over Medal Deficit

The British finished fourth in the medal count in the 2008 Olympics — 47 total medals, which gave them just enough for fourth place behind Russia’s 72 — but that hasn’t stopped the Brits from celebrating their national pride. Fair enough.

Most importantly for Britian, if you believe THE SUN, is that they edged out Australia by one medal. Apparently, these two countries like to have a go at each other, as they might say in politely accented fashion:

The Sun delivered a triumphant message to beaten Aussies yesterday after Britain scooped an impressive 19 gold medals – and they ended up with just 14. We drove advertising vans around Sydney and London with a billboard asking our rivals -“Where the bloody hell were you?”

Lawyer Hayley Sandwood, 28, from Windsor, Berks, said: “The best nation won. Simple as that.” But defiant Aussie Bruce Howes, 48, in London’s posh Kensington High Street, looked at our van and warned: “We’ll get you next time.”

The whole “Where the bloody hell were you?” part references an infamous Australian tourism ad in which various good-looking Aussies try to entice British travelers down under by wondering where they are. It’s a fun spot, but it was banned from UK television because of the word “bloody,” considered a mild swear in the Isles. The Aussies milked even more publicity out of the ban, and the ad has since become something of an icon.

Of course, one medal isn’t exactly something to brag about. If Australia comes back with a very possible win in 2012 — in London, no less — the Brits will be forced to eat, well, whatever it is they eat over there when they feel intense shame. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s bland.