British Long Jumper Gets Naked, Leaps Off Roof

If you’ve seen the film Almost Famous, you’re probably aware of a scene in which Billy Crudup’s character takes some drugs at a house party and then ends up on top of a roof shouting “I am a golden god!” before jumping off. Well, British long jumper Jonathan Moore must be a big fan because he basically did the same thing on Saturday in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

Long Jumper jumps off house

The only differences are that Moore didn’t say a word before his leap, nobody knows whether or not he was actually on drugs, there wasn’t any party going on, and, oh yeah — he was naked. He had just finished fourth in the long jump at a meet the previous day in Potchefstroom, and perhaps decided that he wanted to move into high jumping. Confused neighbor Lappies Labuschagne (yeah, that’s his name) described the bizarre scene:


His fall, which was estimated at between six and seven metres, was broken when he hit the canopy of Mr Labuschagne’s Ford Bantam pick-up truck. 

At around 2.30pm on Saturday the athlete was spotted outside the front of Mr Labuschagne’s house. He was dressed in a tracksuit although when he was approached he did not respond.

“He didn’t react at all when I spoke to him. I tried English, Afrikaans and Tswana. He just wandered off,” Mr Labuschagne said.

Moore returned soon after but this time he was naked. He quickly scaled a wall to roof before jumping.

Moore was unharmed in the jump, and went and silently sat naked in a pile of bricks afterward, because I guess that’s what you do when you fall 20 feet onto a truck. It’s too bad he couldn’t have found a building that was next to one of those big inflatable castles. That probably would’ve been a lot more fun.

The rest of his team had been searching for him since he hadn’t returned to the hotel he was staying in. There’s no reason given for why he chose this particular house for his jump, nor whose house it was.

Being the class guy we all know he is, Lappies decided to not press charges over the damage to his truck canopy after speaking to Moore’s family

Not surprisingly, Moore was sent for a psychiatric examination when he returned to England.

(Thanks to SPORTSRUBBISH for the tip.)