Blog-A-Rhythm: British Lesbians Love Sharapova

• THAINDIAN NEWS serves up word that of all the tennis temptresses out there, Maria Sharapova is the most lusted-after among British lesbians.

Maria Sharapova

Guess Maria won’t make it out to any Mariners games anytime soon.

• WRESTLING NEWS DESK slams down a challenge from Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, who wants to know who’s been bad-mouthing her to TNA.

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC gets behind the idea of buying the wife or girlfriend the new Wii Fit.

• ESPN’s HASHMARKS is on cloud nine, as ex-Colts TE Ben Utecht has supposedly found his “dream job” with the Bengals.

• The AP reports that Michelle Wie is getting back into the swing of things, by shooting a 4-under 68 in the first round of the German Open.

• CHICAGO BULL believes Doug Collins is the right man for the Bulls job once again.

• WITH LEATHER never realized how much violence can be spurred on by an innocent game of kickball.

• POON OF THE SEC keeps abreast of the 2008 Alabama football schedule.