Brit Emma Rotherham “Most Recent” Tiger Fling?

Jane Atkinson and James Desborough of NEWS OF THE WORLD reports for the publication’s Sunday edition:

Emma Rotherham Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress

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TIGER Woods paid HALF A MILLION dollars - around £300,000 - to buy the silence of a blonde British mum who has been his secret mistress for 18 months. The cheating golf superstar fixed the golden kiss-off for Emma Rotherham to set her up for life after she vowed NEVER to talk about their torrid fling.

The stunning 42-year-old mother of two - the 19th Tiger conquest revealed so far and the image of his wife Elin - was given the fortune in CASH. One of the love rat’s security team handed over the money in a sports bag stuffed with $100 bills.

The Brit tab claims Rotherham “was his most recent mistress. They had a very, very passionate relationship and she has dozens of text messages and emails from him. Some were even sent while Tiger was trying to patch things up with his wife Elin.

Don’t worry, NOTW also has details dredged from the too-much-information dept.

As she lived near his Florida home in Isleworth she was always on call. They were at it all the time. Emma said Tiger was a great lover. But he never wore a condom, and she didn’t take any precautions.

The tab reports that Rotherham moved to Florida after her youngest daughter, 16, “finished primary school in London.” Rotherham also has a 25-year-old daughter.

She allegedly met Woods at his local Orlando haunt, the Blue Martini, in May, 2008.

Eventually Woods allegedly invited Rotherham to his office and had sex with her on the couch. The affair continued with more early morning sex sessions in the same location.

Woods also allegedly flew her in for a PGA Tour Stop:

Woods even arranged for Emma to fly to Michigan last August where he was competing in the Buick Open tournament. There he introduced Emma to drug-fuelled sex.

Our source said: “They both took the relaxant Ambien before making love. Emma was a bit hesitant but Tiger persuaded her and she said the sex was mind-blowing.

“They were at it all night. She was surprised he had the energy left to play a round of golf. But he went on to win the tournament!”

Emma stayed at Woods’ hotel but in a room reserved for his personal doctor. Our source added: “It was just along the corridor from Tiger’s room and she’d sneak down there to have sex.

The News of the World also claims to describe what Woods did to cover up his alleged relationship with Rotherham after his car accident:

A security specialist contacted Emma and arranged for a black Mercedes, with darkened windows, to whisk her away. She was driven more than 200 miles to the luxury Ritz-Carlton hotel in the beach resort Naples. A minder gave Emma an envelope containing £28,000 pocket money which he said Tiger had laid on to keep her going.

Emma’s two-night stay was paid for by the security team and booked under their name. One agent said that while there Emma had several phone conversations with Woods. She was told to stay in her room and out of sight, fearing the media was on her trail.

Emma then moved to a rented villa on the Bay Hill golf resort near Woods’ home and was in constant contact with him.

Our insider said: “Emma was living like someone in witness protection, always looking over her shoulder, and being checked on by two security guys. But Tiger assured her he would sort her out.”

Finally, Woods allegedly instructed one of his handlers to pay Rotherham $500,000 for her silence. Though the NOTW reports that when a member of Woods security team demanded her cell phone, which contained numerous text messages to the golfer, she refused.

I’d like to heartily congratulate the people of England for now sharing intimately in this unceasingly delight of a story. And many cheers for News of the World for doing its part to keep the seemingly brain dead patient on life support.