Brit Documentary: ‘DNA’ Links Tiger To Love Child

Channel 4 in England is touting a documentary set to air Thursday that will apparently offer up evidence that Tiger Woods fathered a child with a mistress in 2003.

Tiger Woods Love Child On Channel 4 In England

The LONDON DAILY MAIL reports today:

The programme, which is directed by journalist Jacques Peretti and which will air on Channel 4 on Thursday, alleges the disgraced golfer paid Theresa Rogers £2million to buy her silence after she gave birth to a girl in 2003.

Though you just knew there had to be a dubious part to this, right?

From the LONDON SUN:

A journalist who helped the golfer hide affairs says he knows someone who has full details of the girl - and DNA evidence.

Neal Boulton added: “There is a lot more to come out. Tiger will eventually admit to fathering a child.”

Boulton is the same guy who claims to have quit as editor of MEN’S FITNESS magazine when the mag’s parent company, American Media, allegedly blackmailed Woods into a cover story. (American Media, also parent of the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, reportledy had obtained evidence of a previous Woods affair.)

So Boulton, also an admitted heroin user, couldn’t live with himself in that instance, but he’s cool with cashing in on a Woods expose now?