Dad Touts 4-Year-Old’s Golf Career On Google Ad

I was happy to see Michelle Wie methodically earn her LPGA Tour Card last weekend. We all know of the tribulations she’s gone through the past few years, and it was somewhat of a relief to see that Wie may well come out of it all the better. Miraculously and no thanks to her father, I might add.

Brayden Bozak

Today I got an email from a friend who pointed me to the website of another so-called golf phenom named Brayden Bozak. My buddy had visited the site after being directed by a Google ad for it. (Yes, a four-year-old’s website about his golf game is being advertised on Google.)

The Colorado native Bozak, now four-years-old, has actually been known in media circles since he was two, with this as a typical report from WCBS-TV:

Brayden Bozak is not your typical 2-year-old golfer. With his daddy as his caddie, the only thing that matters to him is getting the ball in the hole.

“It’s amazing because he is still in diapers,” said Brayden’s father, Reid. “And the kid comes out and hits the ball, you know, 50 or 60 yards.”

While most kids his age are putting their parents through those terrible twos, Brayden’s got bigger plans. He wants to be Tiger Woods when he grows up.

Reid also has high hopes for his son, but said his wife slows him down when he thinks too far ahead. “I am anxious to see how he grows and evolves as he gets a little bit older,” he said.

Gee, wonder how they found out about the “next Tiger Woods“? Could it have been dear ol’ dad?

ABC’s Good Morning America also aired his ball-driving abilities, and continued the Tiger comparisons. And here’s Dad Reid talking to a Denver media outlet about his baby son’s *golf career*: “He’s a three-year-old who has a dream. … Obviously, we’ll put in resources and time into making sure he has fun doing it. And he can leverage those resources to be who he wants to be.”

The only thing I was dreaming about when I was three was pop tarts and butterflies.

Now the little one has his very own promotional website - despite the fact that he’s yet to play in a high-profile tournament (as if there are any?).

Until now. 

From his official site:

The time has finally come folks, Brayden is playing in his first USKids Golf tournament and it is a big one. Brayden will be competing in the 2008 Desert Shootout December 28th, 29th and 30th of December at the Wigwam resort in Phoenix, AZ. This will be Brayden’s first tournament ever and he says he is ready to go compete. Look for results along with photo’s and video’s of the event in January 2009.

Again, this for the first tournament of a four-year-old.

As horrible as it sounds, I’m rooting against little Brayden, since we all know what will go on if he continues to show a glimmer of promise: More “he’s the next Tiger Woods!!!!” comparisons. And media. And promotional appearances. And pressure.

All for a four-year-old.