Moynahan Mask Meant To Bug Brady Like Romo

A New York radio station isn’t hiding their feelings about Tom Brady, as they offer up this Bridget Moynahan mask.

New York Giants Bridget Moynahan Mask

Q104.3 FM is giving Giants fans the chance to psyche out the New England QB by wearing masks of his ex-girlfriend and baby’s mama. The masks are available for download and printout at the station’s website.

The ploy is obviously a redux of the Jessica Simpson mask prodded out earlier this season in an attempt to ruin Tony Romo’s night against Carolina. Will such a similar scheme work?

Well, it didn’t do the Panthers much good, since they ended up losing to the Cowboys.

A Bridget mask might have been helpful in Week 17, when the host G-Men had a chance to pull the plug on the Patriots’ perfect season. (Although a lot of Giants fans saw more profit in selling their seats than sitting in them.)

Bridget Moynahan mask

But it’s doubtful Roger Goodell will be moving the Big Game from the Arizona desert to the Meadowlands, so there’s little chance all 70,000 Super Bowl attendees will want to don the mask.

And all those stars of Fox shows definitely don’t want to hide their faces when they’re shown in the inevitable crowd shots.

Jessica Simpson and fake Cowboys

So, just a mask won’t be a successful jinx. You need to produce the real thing - or at least a reasonable facsimile.

Besides, Bridget is old news to the Tomster, as he’s now got Gisele to grope.

Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen

That’s not to say New Yorkers still can’t have fun with the masks. Next time Brady comes to the Big Apple, it can be more than just cameramen who greet him outside his girlfriend’s apartment.