Brian Stann: Midshipman, War Hero, WEC Champ

John McCain could really use a young and vital person as his running mate to offset one of his main perceived flaws: being 71 years young. For example, how about a Navy Midshipman linebacker that went to Iraq as a Marine officer and was awarded the Silver Star? That sounds like a winner, no?

What if he also absolutely destroyed all his opponents en route to the World Extreme Cagefighting Light Heavyweight mixed-martial arts title Friday night? Imagine the savings of being able to combine the office of Vice-President with the Secret Service. Fiscal responsibility and butt-whooping: vote McCain!

Brian Stann

Well, meet Brian Stann, Marine and world champion.

Unfortunately for McCain, Stann is far too young to run for Vice-President at 27. However, he’s not done serving his country; he continues to serve at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and trains when not on duty. He has defined himself as an American soldier all his life, from his G.I. Joe collection to his current fighting moniker: “All-American”.

Much to the likely delight of the WEC, Stann has gone from their version of Sgt. Slaughter to a legitimate fighter and public face for the fledgling league, considered a minor league to the UFC.

Brian Stann