Brian McNamee Gives Speech At Supplement Store

Brian McNamee made a rare public appearance on Thursday, as the former Yankees trainer and Mitchell Report lynch pin gave a brief “motivational speech” - at a health supplement store.

Brian McNamee speaking in supplement store

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that McNamee spoke to a small group of high school athletes, coached and parents at his friend’s store in Everett, MA. Most of his 12-minute talk was about making mistakes and how to recover:

My lifetime of actions can be defined by one singular monumental mistake. I believe firmly that everyone deserves a second chance. Every second chance needs a first step. Today, I’m taking that first step.”

But it was a very small, quiet step. McNamee declined to do any sit-down interviews with a local TV station or an AP reporter who showed up to the store, preferring to exit out the back door when it was time to leave.

The AP report also noted that Brian didn’t discuss much outside of his mistake-making meanderings:

McNamee did not mention steroids, the Mitchell Report or his Congressional testimony. He referred only indirectly to (Roger) Clemens and their bizarre, recorded telephone conversation, joking at the start that he should probably ask for tape recorders to be turned off “because I’m not too fond of that lately.”

Instead, McNamee gave workout tips and showed the crowd how to do “power abs”. And those in attendance didn’t go home empty-handed, as the ex-trainer signed and passed out certificates that said, “A lifetime of achievements can be defined by a singular monumental mistake.”

Brian McNamee certificates

Um, OK. Not sure how that can be “motivational”. Such a message seems less inspiring than more terrifying.