Brewers-Red Sox TV Blacked Out In … Minnesota?

Growing up in the dark ages of the Kansas City Chiefs ‘70-’80s, I learned to truly despise the blackout rules of the NFL. KC has since passed that mantle on to teams like Jax and Oakland (or have they?).

Day In The Life Of Brewers Fan In Minnesota

(Bemidji-Bunkered Brewers Baby)

While the NFL blackout rules are frustrating, they are at least predictable. And do contain a scintilla of logic. I can’t say the same for MLB broadcast blackouts, after reading a report from Judd Zulgad of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE.

An odd situation occurred Sunday when the Milwaukee Brewers-Boston Red Sox game, part of TBS’ new national baseball package, was blacked out on Comcast in the Twin Cities.

So what happened? Comcast officials said they were “contractually obligated to black out the game” because the cable system also serves several towns in western Wisconsin and under TBS’ deal, the Brewers’ local television rights holder had to be protected in those markets.

It’s hard to know who should get the blame in this situation but it is ridiculous that a game involving two out-of-state teams gets blacked out in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Keep in mind that the closest western Wisconsin market, River Falls, is a five-hour drive to Milwaukee. But a mere 40 miles from Minneapolis. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. If anything, River Falls should be blacked out for Twins games, not Brewers.

Almost every state has a somewhat similar scenario, and it’s the job of the cable companies to get it right.

Wait a minute, what am I saying?

Never mind.