Brewers Promotion Provides Makeout Opportunity

The Milwaukee Brewers are unveiling a great new promotion on Friday — drive-in movies in their parking lot. Hmm, looks like I have a choice to make. Do I head over to Miller Park for a double feature, or stay at home and hit myself repeatedly over the head with a wooden mallet? It’s a tough decision.

Double feature of doom

(A double feature of doom!)

In these tough economic times, Major League Baseball is not too proud to dip into the Minor League playbook and pull out a few tricks. Movies at the ballpark have been popular in the minors for years, and one day earlier this year the Brewers noticed that they have a huge parking lot, and a fan base with cars and not much to do on weekends when the Brewers aren’t in town. The rest came naturally.

They’re calling it Miller Park Movies, in which the team will erect inflatable screens in the parking lot, and the audio will be provided both with a series of outside speakers and a signal that can be picked up on an FM car radio. Two more movie nights are tentatively set for August.

The inaugural films will be shown on June 5 and 6. A doubleheader of “Anchorman” and “Jaws”¬†opens the first night. The second night, Saturday, features two baseball fan favorites, “The Sandlot” and “Major League.”

The charming Milwaukee tradition of engaging in a tailgate, which is basically barbecuing out of the back of one’s car, is welcomed by the Brewers before the shows, according to (Brewers Enterprises VP Jason) Hartlund.

An example of that charming tailgate tradition can be found here. Of course on Friday the Brewers themselves will be in Atlanta, where the Braves may be the next team to add drive-in movies later this summer.

Hartlund, who is in his fourth season with the Brewers, says Miller Park’s roof allows more creativity than in years past at the old County Stadium, where the Milwaukee Braves once played. He suggests clubs on the West Coast, like those in San Francisco and Los Angeles, can do more because their year-round climate is more favorable.

Outdoor movies at Chavez Ravine? Sounds like fun, except for the stabbings.

At any rate, a few years from now, at last, some parents will be able to tell their children, “You were conceived at Miller Park.”

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