Brewers Beat Reporter On Blog: ‘Whatever That Is’

There go those nutty bloggers again, having the gall to think that they can actually make main media beat reporters work for a living.

Last night the Wisconsin blog BADGER BLOGGER reported that Brewers manager Ned Yost could be fired as early as today. Longtime MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL writer Tom Haudricourt, who is known in the sports print media biz for being a touch cantankerous, had the above reax to the blog entry.

I know being a baseball beat reporter can be a wearying task. And hustling bloggers now make the gig all the more 24/7 for those brave, press-boxed men. But scoffing at internet-generated reports (and the blogs that serve them up) is a great way to look really, really stupid. Anyone who thinks that the major blogs are just making stuff up is either named Bob (or Buzz), or isn’t paying attention.

If Haudricourt had so little regard for Badger Blogger, why did he check out the report in the first place? My guess is editors at the J-S saw the blog post and demanded that Haudricourt check out the Yost firing rumor - which is why the beat writer was flippant about it.