Brett The Goat Inspires A Nation, Mulls Film Offers

I know that Monday’s touching, true story about the rescue of Brett the Goat pulled at your heartstrings, and possibly reaffirmed your belief that people are, basically, good. Or made you hungry for goat. Well we now have an update on the whereabouts of the goat, which was pulled from a car trunk by auto repair mechanics in Winona, Minnesota on Friday and became an instant livestock celebrity.

Brett the goat

Someone had painted the goat purple and shaved a No. 4 in its fur; a response by Green Bay fans to Brett Favre’s defection to the hated Vikings. Packers fans seem to have a lot of time on their hands, don’t they? I barely have time to get to the dry cleaners on a typical weekday, let alone paint a goat. But where, you are now wondering, did Brett the Goat end up? Prepare for a happy ending in a Babe the Pig or E.T. kind of way.

(Video of the goat’s ordeal is after the jump.)

You know how your parents told you when you were a kid that your dog was sent to live with a kindly older couple on a farm in Wisconsin? Well this time that dubious story is true: Brett the Goat was adopted by Packers fans, and lives on a farm. Where he will presumably not be eaten:

Duane and Carlene Schultz of Eleva, Wis., adopted the goat, which was seized by Winona animal control Friday after it was found in the trunk of a car, painted Minnesota Vikings colors purple and gold with the No. 4 shaved on its side.

Winona prosecutors are considering charges against the goat’s former owners.

“It may seem like a humorous incident, but it’s being taken seriously,” Assistant City Attorney Brian Glodosky said. “It is sad someone would treat an animal this way.”

Oh, and the WINONA DAILY NEWS, which is pulling no punches with this story, names the couple who mistreated the goat. They are Janelle Riopel, 21, of St. Paul, and Sonny Yang, 24, of La Crosse, Wis., who still could be cited for mistreatment of animals. (UPDATE: They were each charged with two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty today).

A message left for Riopel was not returned Monday. Attempts to reach Yang were unsuccessful.

Yes, hide your unspeakable shame!

Brett the Goat is healthy and mostly cleaned off, Carlene Schultz said. The No. 4 is still shaved on his side and he has a purple tint when in the sun, she said.

The Schultzes are keeping Brett at their farm, where they keep goats, llamas, chickens and a donkey.

“He is wonderful,” Carlene Schultz said.

Yes. Yes, he is.

Oh, and if that name sounds familiar, it may be because the Schultzes have been in the news before in relation to the Packers. When Favre retired the first time, they went into their cornfield and created this:

Brett Favre corn maze

I’m beginning to suspect that the Schultzes understand more about marketing and media publicity than they let on.

*UPDATE*: Janelle Riopel, the Goat Lady, speaks to Milwaukee radio station.