Brett Myers To Cole Hamels: ‘I Thought You Quit?’

Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports reports that Brett Myers finally did something publicly inappropriate that we all secretly (and not-so-secretly) agreed with.

Brett Myers Cole Hamels I thought you quit

(Myers, left, finally does the right thing)

After last night’s Phillies win, Brown notes:

As Myers walked past (Cole) Hamels near Hamels’ locker he said, mocking, “What are you doing here? I thought you quit.”

Myers of course was referencing Hamels’ post-Game 4 quote in which he said he wanted the season to end. (”I can’t wait for it to end.“)

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Thank you Brett.

Brown reports that some of Myers’ teammates were “disturbed” by his comments and Charlie Manuel put on a frown for the media when asked about it. But if you’ve ever been in a real major league clubhouse, as I was throughout my main media career, you know there are plenty of players who loved what Myers did.

Hamels’ has a track record of saying and doing stupid things, and his comment after he threw away the Phils’ Game 4 lead said it all about his commit to the team. That is, that he has none. That it’s all about him.

Other thing is, I’ll bet the vast majority of Phillies fans loved Myers comment. Embraced it. He probably won more points with that remark than he has his entire career in Philadelphia.

And Hamels now says he wants the ball for Game 7. If you were Manuel, would you dream of doing that?

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