The Packers Are Basically Wiretapping Brett Favre

You know how sometimes you break up with a girl, only she refuses to leave your house at first? And then she finally leaves but ends up coming back to hang out? But when she comes back, she uses your phone to call some other dude and try to hook up, all while telling you how much she loves you? Yeah, that’s a pretty poor metaphor for what’s going on in the Brett Favre-Green Bay divorce case right now.

Old Man Phone

The point being is that the Packers, according to the MINNEAPOLIS STAR- TRIBUNE, are now reporting that Favre repeatedly called members of the Minnesota coaching staff. Odds are fairly good that he was not letting them know what a “great young prospect” they have in Tavaris Jackson.

[Bob] McGinn writes that a source said Favre had continued to use a Packers-issued cell phone and that when the team checked the phone records it found ‘repeated calls to coach Brad Childress and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.

In fairness, Bevell was Favre’s quarterbacks coach for a while, so chatting it up with him is fairly reasonable. But Childress? Have you see this guy?


No one wants to talk to this guy. He is the reason Adrian Peterson runs so fast. Fred Smoot wouldn’t want to talk to this guy even if a 15 minute chat was the only thing standing between him and a boat full of strippers and forty pounds of plastic.

So, Brett, you’re busted, buddy. You tried to sneak over to your arch-rival and now it’s just embarrassing for everyone. As for you Green Bay Packers, well, the longer you hold for a trade and try to make this a big deal, the more we all suffer and somehow hate you as much as Favre. So just deal the guy. Please. Carolina will give you Dwayne Jarrett. And Washington will probably give you the 2009 draft.

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