B-R-E-T-T Traded To The J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!

Brett Favre will be staying in a green uniform this season - as a member of the New York Jets.

Brett Favre Jets fans

Jay Glazer of FOXSPORTS.COM first reported & ESPN’s Michael Smith later confirmed that the longtime Packers quarterback is Broadway-bound.

We know the trade is true because Brett has already been added to the Jets’ official online roster. Best of all, #4 is still available!

In return for jettisoning Favre, Green Bay gets a draft pick that will rise in value depending on how well the Jets do this season with their new signal caller. And now the Jets no longer have to rely on coin flips to determine their starting QB.

While Favre gets a new home, Glazer additionally opines that the Jets may move Chad Pennington out of the Meadowlands. Maybe the Bucs or Vikings could give Chad a tryout - they both seemed so determined to get a new (old) QB.

Worse yet, Eli Manning was just starting to make strides as the Big Apple’s football media darling. With Brett coming to town, Eli will soon be back in the shadow of another more popular QB (such as big brother Peyton).

Packers Bikini Girls

However, the ones we feel most sorry for are the Packers Bikini Girls. With Brett gone, who shall they shower with love & affection while shivering at Lambeau Field?

Oh, yeah - Aaron Rodgers. Or maybe not.