Favre To Be On Letterman; We Have His Top Ten

PACKERS NEWS passes along word that the still-retired Brett Favre will be chatting it up with David Letterman next week.

Brett Favre David Letterman

The former (as of this writing) Green Bay QB is scheduled to appear on “The Late Show” next Thursday, April 24. Favre will happen to be in the Big Apple that day for some “NFL promotional appearance”, and decided to pencil in a stop with Paul Shafer & pals.

So, will Dave & his writers come up with a wacky Top Ten for Brett to read, a la Trevor Immelman? Well, we’re gonna beat them to the punch by producing our own laugh-riot list. Check it out after the jump, if you dare.

From the home office in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin:


10. Wants to fill the first pothole on the newly-named Brett Favre Blvd.

9. Left his wallet in his locker.

8. Needs to get one more “Lambeau Leap” out of his system.

7. Wants to make sure the wait staff at his Steakhouse aren’t skimping on any tips.

6. Fearful the new QB in charge will rename “Titletown” as “Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood”

5. With his punch card almost full, one more turkey club gets him a free sandwich at the Schlotzky’s Deli on Oneida Street.

4. Hey! That’s his jersey number!

3. Has yet to experience the thrill of shoveling out the stadium for $8/hour.

2. Needs to get one more interception out of his system.

1. Packers Bikini Girls - need we say more?

(Cue the house band playing “We Go Green Bay)

We fully expect WFRV-TV channel 5 (Green Bay’s CBS affiliate) to break new ratings records next week. A tip to the station’s sales staff - try raising ad rates during the 10:35-11:35 p.m. time slot. The dough will just roll in!