Blog-O-Rama: Brett Favre Is A-Maze-ing In Maize

• Already feeling lost in this whole Brett Favre mess? Well, then 100% INJURY RATE comes across a corn maze you’re not going to like.

Brett Favre corn maze

• BALL DON’T LIE interviews Greg Oden, and learns that the Blazers star would like to own a flying monkey.

• DEADSPIN tosses along news that MLB security doesn’t believe Mike Lupica is worthy of All-Star VIP status.

• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME scores some video of a goalkeeper showing off his scorpion-like saving skills.

• MR. IRRELEVANT gets the straight story on George Sherrill’s cap brim.

• BUGS & CRANKS sees this weekend’s series between the Angels & Red Sox as a classic clash of good vs. evil.

Darrell Rovell of CNBC follows up that two out of three Yankees fans want Bob Sheppard’s voice to ring throughout the ballpark forever.

• BRIGHT SIDE OF THE SUN finds Phoenix having some trouble landing any NBA free agents.