Agent: Favre Still Wants To Play; Maybe in Miami?

Even with today’s announcement, some folks aren’t totally convinced that Brett Favre is really ready to call it quits - including the QB’s own agent.

Brett Favre face close-up

The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL reports that James “Bus” Cook believes his client still has a little more football left in him:

I think he wanted to play, I think he’s still got it. He knows he’s still got it. I think he felt he could play one more year. I don’t know if (the Packers) told him they really wanted him to play. That’s just the feeling I got.”

So, does this mean the Pack actually kicked their all-star to the curb?

I do not know much conversation there was (between Favre and the Packers) and I don’t think anyone forced him to make that decision. But I don’t know that anyone tried to talk him out of it.”

Green Bay’s loss could be one of the other 31 NFL teams’ gain. But if Brett still wants to play, where would he suit up? Mike Florio of PRO FOOTBALL TALK suggests he may trade the frozen tundra for warmer climates:

Bill Parcells Ron Wolf at Dolphins game

Well, maybe the media speculation that the guy who brought Favre to Green Bay, former G.M. Ron Wolf, might be whispering to Bill Parcells about trying to get Favre to Miami is more accurate than we initially thought.”

The Big Tuna has been cleaning house since his arrival with the Dolphins, including the release of QB Trent Green, so there would be a roster spot awaiting Brett.

But based on the message Favre left on Chris Mortensen’s voice mail, Miami might not be his destination of choice:

The only way for me to come back and feel that I made the right decision would be to come back and win a Super Bowl.”

Kind of a tall order for a franchise coming off a 1-15 season.