Favre Hires Trainer For Comeback With Vikings?

It wouldn’t be an NFL offseason without the rumors of where Brett Favre will end up next. It’s becoming quite a ritual - Brett says a teary-eyed goodbye as he announces his retirement, then teases the media about whether or not he’ll come back, then asks for his release from the team that still owns his rights or at least have his rights traded, then he finally joins a different team & online jersey sales skyrocket.

Brett Favre Vikings

(Illustration by Steve Thomas of the ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS)

The latest speculation is that the 39-year-old QB is looking to land with the Minnesota Vikings. Brett had said that he’s retired after getting his release from the New York Jets. But we’ve all heard that one before. Right, Green Bay?

Besides, if Favre is really finished with his football career, why did he recently hire a personal trainer?

The ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS reports that Brett is working with a trainer in his hometown in Mississippi. Such news is certain to stoke the fires of Favre’s inevitable return to NFL action. At least the Pioneer Press hopes so.

PP writer Bob Sansevere also points out what Brett said after he had moved on from the Meadowlands: At this time, I am retired and have no intention of returning to football.” The words that stuck out for Sansevere in Favre’s statement were “at this time”. And times can change.

If Brett needs any additional swaying to suit up for Minnesota, Bob offers up these hypothetical situations:

And it would have to be tantalizing to play another season knowing you would have Adrian Peterson to run the ball and a suddenly intriguing receiving corps with the addition of Percy Harvin.

What quarterback wouldn’t be jacked at the opportunity to hand off and throw screens to Peterson while also having a game breaker in Harvin, as well as a deep threat such as Bernard Berrian and a tight end (Visanthe Shiancoe) who can move the chains with medium-range receptions?

And with Visanthe, Brett could also be treated to an impromptu peep show.

Of course the Pioneer Press is going to do what it can to cover the latest on Favre. Brett joining the Vikes can only mean more readers & more business for the paper. They could dedicate a whole section to Brett-related news, and call it something like “Favre Watch” or “Favre-ite Stories”.

With newspapers firing employees left and right - and sometimes right in the middle of working a game - Brett’s arrival can be a boon to the St. Paul staffers.

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