Blog-A-Roni: Favre To Be Featured On Madden XX

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING hikes along word that the cover boy for Madden’s 20th anniversary edition will be …

Madden XX Brett Favre

Brett Favre?

• Speaking of the QB, PRO FOOTBALL TALK sends a friendly reminder that he’ll be on David Letterman tonight (well, not *on* him, but on his show). We still hope they use this Top Ten list.

• It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE takes a peek at the Houston Texans cheerleader tryouts.

• DEADSPIN learns that Terrell Owens‘ legal beagles are going after over his appearance in a porn-related photo.

Darren Rovell of CNBC reports that the guy who bought the buried David Ortiz jersey already has quite the collection of curious clothing.

• KISSING SUZY KOLBER takes in the sights, sounds, smells & sneers of the Redskins’ Super Bowl XXII reunion pre-party.

• The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS is happy to report that Harold Reynolds has found employment again, serving as a studio analyst for Mets games.

• JOE SPORTS FAN is sorry to hear that the Bucks’ Mo Williams is suffering from “pubic symphisitis“.