Favre’s Locker Untouched - Tribute or Typhoid?

Last we heard concerning the rumors around Brett Favre’s un-retirement, Peyton Manning himself didn’t fully believe that the Packers QB had packed it in. And now Jason Wilde of ON MILWAUKEE adds further fuel to the fire by pointing out that Brett’s locker has been left intact.

Brett Favre locker

Favre’s spot in the Lambeau locker room hasn’t been cleared out - but it hasn’t been encased in Plexiglass, either. So, why is Brett’s locker being left alone? Is it in tribute to a great Green Bay player - or is it due to sanitary concerns?

Earlier this month, Wilde asked Packers coach Mike McCarthy about the Favre locker situation, and the confab went a little something like this:

WILDE: How come Favre’s locker is still intact?

McCARTHY: Who do you want me to put in there?

WILDE: I don’t know. But isn’t it just a locker?

McCARTHY: I think it’s more than a locker, and there’s some plans for the locker that will be addressed in the future. But there’s nothing else to it. I wouldn’t want his locker, especially after his hygiene, my goodness.

Guess Brett’s beer & bratwurst farts don’t smell any better than anyone else’s. Well, it’s nothing that a couple of gallons of Lysol & and a few acres of Scrubbing Bubbles can’t handle.

But seriously folks, McCarthy added that there’s no rush to throw out the memories - sterile or not - of the great #4:

It’s a locker of a very special player in the history of our organization, and there are some plans for the future, and we’ll address that when it comes. I’ll just leave it at that.

Just don’t leave it too long. Mildew & mold are a very dangerous scourge this time of year in northeast Wisconsin.