Brett Favre Helps Jets Sell A Whole Lotta Tickets

So who was the big winner in the Brett Favre sweepstakes? The New York Jets, for suddenly becoming relevant and upgrading from Chad Pennington to perhaps the best quarterback ever? Favre, for getting his wish to play and start this season? Or Jay Glazer, for breaking the news of the trade despite ESPN having dispatched a whole platoon of reporters?


Turns out the answer might be none of those, but ticket reseller StubHub. The SILICON ALLEY INSIDER estimates that the company made $400,000 as a result of the Favre trade in the first 24 hours alone, thanks to thousands of New Yorkers suddenly remembering that they are New York Jets fans and wanting to buy tickets. Favre is impacting more than just jersey sales: he’s turning into his own cottage industry.

StubHub went from selling 36 Jets tickets per day last week to selling over 7,000 tickets in the first 24 hours after the trade. And since that drives the prices up, that means that StubHub’s 25 percent commission gets even larger.

And perhaps the biggest losers in all of this that no one is talking about are the New York Giants. They are coming off one of the most incredible, improbable Super Bowl wins ever, but are almost certainly on the back burner of New York football talk as the season nears. Actually, with everyone forgetting about them and any expectations that might be placed on them, this could be the best thing that could have happened to the Giants.

Maybe I’ll buy some tickets to some Giants games on StubHub - they aren’t Jets tickets, so I bet they are dirt cheap.

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