Green Bay Traffic To Travel On Brett Favre Blvd.?

WISC-TV reports that the mayor of Green Bay has proposed to name a street in his fair town after retired (so far) Packers QB Brett Favre.

Brett Favre Boulevard

And it wouldn’t be some rinky-dink side street that empties into a Lambeau Field parking lot - mayor Jim Schmitt is talking major thoroughfare:

“I’d like to see a major corridor named Brett Favre Boulevard. Something that connects off the interstate and goes through the stadium district and connects to the downtown.”

And the intersections will be referred to as “interceptions”. OK, maybe not.

The street in Schmitt’s sights is Ashland Ave., a main north-south route that fits the mayor’s description. However, as the GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE reports, he doesn’t want to start slapping up signs just yet:

“Ashland is a good candidate, but I’d like Brett Favre Boulevard to be an upgraded, first-class thoroughfare. I don’t have commitments from other municipalities and the state to upgrade Ashland. I’d want that commitment in place first. It would take a couple years.”

That should work out fine, since it seems pretty likely that Brett should be back in green & gold for a few more years, anyway.

Schmitt may be forgetting that there’s already a street in town named Brett Favre Pass, and it services a very important destination - Brett Favre’s Steakhouse.

But does Brett need to be honored with just a street? The P-G asked Green Bay residents what other local locales should carry the QB’s name.

One citizen suggested a youth center or park get his name instead of some street. Another suggested naming the airport after him. And yet another had the better idea of naming the airspace around the airport the “Brett Favre Airspace.”

Will this mean the incoming flights will land at the rival airlines’ gates?

All right, enough with the INT jokes.