What Could Have Been: Brett The Golden NY Jet

As the New York Giants head to Lambeau Field for the NFC Championship, the Big Apple’s other big-time team wonders what could have been: Brett Favre in a Jets uniform.

Brett Favre Jets fans

NEW YORK NEWSDAY sadly reminds fans that the All-Star QB could have been making his marks in the Meadowlands.

During the 1991 NFL Draft, the Jets were working on a deal with the Cardinals to trade for their 2nd round spot. The move was at the insistence of Jets front office assistant Ron Wolf, who was hoping to grab the kid from Southern Miss. (In typical Jets fashion, they had no first-round pick that year.)

However, the deal fell through, and the Falcons ended up nabbing Favre. Worse yet for Jets fans, they also lost Wolf after the ‘91 season when he became the GM of the Packers. And when Atlanta had lost interest in Favre, Wolf arranged a trade to bring Brett to Green Bay.

But at least the Jets were able to draft Browning Nagle.

Browning Nagle

(”I’m not a crook!“)

Since Favre made his first start in 1992 - without missing one for the Pack yet - the Jets have relied on a cavalcade of Who’s Who under center (Or maybe that should be, “Who’s Who?“):

Nagle, Boomer Esiason, Frank Reich, Ray Lucas, Rick Mirer, Chad Pennington, Vinny Testaverde, Neil O’Donnell, Quincy Carter, Bubby Brister, Glenn Foley, Brooks Bollinger, Kellen Clemens, Ken O’Brien and Jack Trudeau.

But who’s to say Brett would’ve lasted so long with the Jets? The Falcons let Favre fly away after only one season. And these are the Jets we’re talking about.

Besides, Brett wouldn’t have enjoyed the Big Apple, according to a 1997 interview with the NEWARK STAR-LEDGER:

Brett Favre close-up

I don’t know if I would’ve been too good in New York. That’s too big a city for me. I like the slow, easy lifestyle. Green Bay is perfect, although the weather is bad. But, you know, all that traffic and stuff, paying $2,000 a month for an apartment. That would kill me. No, New York’s a little too big for me.”