Brett Favire and Kobe Bryant Want Out of Their Current Teams

• Just when things were looking rosy in the Badger State with the Brewers’ recent success, AOL FANHOUSE reports Brett Favre was asking out of Wisconsin.

Brett Favre Kobe Bryant

• Apparently #4 isn’t the only aggravated athlete: YOU’VE BEEN BLINDED hears (via Stephen A. Smith, quite frankly) Kobe Bryant may want out of the Land of 10,000 Flakes.

• THE BIG LEAD gives us the heartwarming news that Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian are now an item.

• Another love story may be developing on the college hardwood, as LION IN OIL wonders if Jay Bilas only has (blind) eyes for ex-Michigan coach Tommy Amaker.

• FAN NATION’S Arash Markazi was lucky enough to hook some tail with Ladainian Tomlinson over the weekend. No, Richard Seigler wasn’t there - the guys just went fishin’.

• STEROID NATION happily discovers at least one pro sports organiztion that’s definitely saying no to drugs: The USA Rock-Paper-Scissors League.

• WITH LEATHER is seeing red, as the pink bats didn’t help the White Sox from feeling blue. At least it’s helping raise a lot of green.

• Speaking of Mom’s Day, GOLDEN STATE OF MIND can’t believe the Utah Jazz had the nerve to ruin this special holiday by beating the Warriors…in their own home!

• Just how evil is Utah? SHAKEDOWN SPORTS reveals that the Jazz recently gave away 10,000 free t-shirts…to the richest fans in the arena.

• Keeping in the Beehive State: With the internet agog over pole vaulter Allison Stokke, SAVED BY THE BLOG finds a new female athlete that Utes fans hope to turn into the next online phenomenon.