Everywhere You Look, Reminders of Favre’s Fibs

Life has been hard enough for Brett Farve fans lately. It’s not going to get easier, either. In a bad breakup, the last things you want are constant reminders of the person that broke your heart. But Farve fans still have to watch ESPN. So much for that.

But it gets worse: Brett’s little lies — lies to the Packers, to their fans, to the NFL at large — cover memorabilia littering the Great Lakes region.


As he prepared his basement for an impending fantasy football draft, he took a closer look at one of his favorite wall hangings: His Brett Favre autographed print. … Here’s what Stensation had to say along with his kind e-mail to us: “Not sure where this, ahem, ‘final’ quote comes from. But it’s engraved on an autographed framed print in my basement titled ‘Legacy of a Man.’”And so, if we might repeat what Brett Favre said of his legacy, on this beautiful keepsake: “Play somewhere else? It will never happen. This is where my family is. This is where my heart is. This is where I belong.”

On three … BWAHAHAHAHA. Ah-haha. Man. That is rich stuff. Really great, fantastic, cheese-flavored irony. It has a hint of dishonesty, mixed with just the perfect splash of inflated self-importance. Delicious.