Musberger Visits Vegas, Tebow Hangs At Hooters

Jimmy Rollins has a vibrating bed; Now we’re afraid to use his bathroom.

Brent Musberger spotted at a Vegas sportsbook? You can bet on it!

Brent Musberger in sunglasses

Tim Tebow tallies another trophy, as the Gators QB and his teammates hang out at Hooters.

• The debut of Gilbert Arenas’ new Hibachi shoe has been put on the back burner.

• The father of an Oregon fan caught flipping the bird to UCLA’s Kevin Love has taken away his kid’s car.

• A Tennessee cheerleader in-Vol-untarily takes out an Oral Roberts player with a misplaced sign.

• The Davidson Wildcats take a cue from the Red Sox and adopt “Sweet Caroline” as their good luck song.

Davidson Wildcat gentleman

• Has UCLA replaced Duke as the new foul favorite?

Dustin Pedroia prefers it if Japanese baseball fans kept quiet.

Chris Berman’s career advice: Be pushy, but don’t push your luck.

• Doesn’t the Chicago Tribune feel smart in leaking out Wonderlic test scores.

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