Brendan Haywood Apologizes To Gays Everywhere

Today in “Brendan Haywood, Homosexuality and You,” we have The Apology. You knew it was coming, of course. But from what I’m reading in Haywood’s blog today, he’s not apologizing to Stephon Marbury specifically for comments he made recently in reference to Marbury’s sexuality. He’s apologizing to gays, and not very convincingly at that. But hey, Haywood just wants to “quelch” this budding controversy.

In a recent radio interview at Hardcore Sports, Haywood said that the reason Marbury may be having a problem finding a team is that “GMs won’t touch him, because no one would want to get dressed around him.” There were comments about Marbury’s video of himself dancing to (dubbed in later) “Barbie Doll,” including: “because you gotta think something is a little, he’s swinging from both sides of the fence.”

But while Haywood said that Marbury must have been trying to end his own career, the opposite may be true. Time for damage control. From Brendan Haywood’s blog:

What’s up yard?! I know I’ve been gone for about two weeks but my last blog and radio interview sparked a little controversy so I wanted to come on here and quelch it! My last blog about some of Stephon Marbury’s actions, combined with a radio interview that I did, have been misinterpreted by some as speaking out against homosexuality. I’ve received some comments and so have the Wizards about it. I just wanted to take a time out and let you know that no disrespect was intended. I was just trying to have fun with a crazy situation. I don’t support or condemn homosexuality and I believe in everyone making choices for themselves. If it doesn’t affect me, I don’t really care. I hope no one was offended because I wasn’t trying to come off like Tim Hardaway.

So besides throwing Hardaway under the Rainbow Bus — was that even necessary? — the “I don’t support or condemn homosexuality” line makes this one of the more tepid apologies you’re ever going to read. The original comments sure didn’t make it sound like Haywood was just “trying to have fun with a crazy situation.” What this apology basically says is:

“I still think Starbury is totally gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Necessarily.”

Excerpt from Haywood’s blog on Aug. 4:

Speaking of voicing opinions, it wouldn’t be a B-Haywood blog without me voicing mine! Can anyone answer me this one question? What the HELL is wrong with Stephon Marbury?!!! Over the past week, he’s released some of the strangest and most disturbing videos I’ve ever seen (from his 24 hours of Marbury TV Marathon). In one clip he cries uncontrollably for 5 straight minutes with no shirt on while his homeboy rubs his shoulders – why, I don’t know?! In another clip, he eats Vaseline, claiming his throat is sore and that this would solve the problem. Not to be outdone, he has another clip where he dances to a song called “Barbie Doll!” That was very disturbing. If I was on his team, there’s no way I’m getting undressed in front of him after watching that…

Possibly more head-scratching: This Haywood post from July, in which he claims “without a Michael Jackson, there may never have been a Michael Jordan.”

Anyway, if you’re wondering why pro teams are cracking down on the athletes using social networking sites, here’s Exhibit A.

Although no one has yet figured a way to stop this: