Breaking, Entering, Pooping With Orlando Brown

Orlando Brown had an 11-year NFL career, but unfortunately he will always be known as the dude who almost lost his eye when a referee hit him in the face with a penalty flag. What are the odds? Well, now the former Cleveland Brown can be known for something else.

Orlando Brown

Brown was arrested on Friday after breaking into his ex-wife’s house and trashing the place, leaving among as a calling card a nice big dump in the basement. As we learned in the case of Najeh Davenport Poops In A Laundry Basket, the courts consider that criminal mischief.

One of the problems was that he texted his ex-wife about the whole thing. Savvy.

Former Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Orlando “Zeus” Brown was released on his own recognizance after he was arrested Friday on charges of breaking into his ex-wife’s Cockeysville home in August.

According to court documents, Mira Brown accused her former husband of entering her home while she was away on vacation. The two have been divorced since 2004.

While she was on vacation July 21 through Aug. 28, someone broke the front storm door, entered her home, tore down the basement curtains, defecated in a basement toilet and ransacked her closet, according to court documents.

Orlando Brown, Jeff Triplette

Brown was suspended by the NFL when he pushed referee Jeff Triplette to the ground, after Triplette had inadvertently hit him in the eye with a flag in a game against Jacksonville. The league quickly lifted the suspension, but Brown sat out three seasons while recovering from the injury, eventually settling a lawsuit with the league for $25 million.

That kind of scratch will buy you a lot of things, including your own Fatburger franchise (see lead photo) in Elkridge, Maryland (Brown ended his career with the Ravens in 2006). See this quote from a BALTIMORE SUN story:

Orlando Brown insists he’s a cream puff — on the inside, that is.

The former Baltimore Ravens’ offensive tackle said he “just looks scary” at 6 foot 7 and 350 pounds, but he’s really “a gentle giant with a soft heart like my mother’s.”

That compassion has already come into play at Fatburger, the new restaurant in Gateway Overlook Shopping Center where Brown is owner and frequent fry cook.

Mira Brown may not agree with that characterization. But at any rate, head on down to Fatburger at the Gateway Overlook Shopping Center, and Brown will fry you a burger and discuss the whole thing.