Breaking! Baker’s dog slobber, 100 Parking Tickets

We assume you’ve been spending your day reading about all manner of NFL draft selections and their sordid pasts.

Sam Bakers Truck 100 Parking Tickets

But we have some fun stuff on former USC offensive lineman Sam Baker, the first round pick of the Atlanta Falcons, we know you haven’t read: While at USC, he got himself some parking tickets. Lots and lots and LOTS of parking tickets. And tows. And boots (actually, that sounds a lot like us during our days at the University of Georgia).

Something called PeteCarrollTV on Youtube did a feature on Baker (who looks like a cross between the Unabomber and John Daly) and his truck. You would think that’d be boring. It’s not. The guy is a scream. And we mean that in a good way.

Baker has details on all the dents and dings in his truck, goes through the contents of his longtime vehicle (leftover hamburger meat, sticks of deodorant, dog slobber), and his fourth radio (the first three were stolen).

He also talked about his #1 menace on the USC campus: meter maids.


This is a parking pass, for the little parking center on campus. It was the cheapest of all the parking passes I got, thinking they’d just look at the pass and I could park anywhere. And that wasn’t the case.

Since I’ve been at USC I’ve probably gotten I would say over 100 tickets. At least, over a hundred parking tickets and we’ve been booted. We’ve gone through everything, towed, booted. Everything.”

We’re not calling out Baker on this one. We assume he’s taken care of the tickets in the past (like it matters at this point anyway). It’s a fun video and looks like the Falcons got themselves a good guy. And another fringe benefit for Flowery Branch: parking ticket revenue is sure to be on the rise in short order.