Brazilian Soccer Club Official Calls Rival Player Gay

BRAZIL SOCCER TEAM OFFICIAL CALLS RIVAL PLAYER GAY: Things are getting hot and spicy on the Brazilian soccer landscape, as a club official accuses a rival player of being gay - on national television, no less:

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SPORTS ILLUSTRATED pinpoints the uproar beginning in June, when Jose Cyrillo Jr., director of the Palmeiras soccer club, was asked on a TV show if one of his players was about to announce his coming-out party. Cyrillo denied the report, but added that Richarlyson, a midfielder for the Sao Paulo team, “almost” joined his club.

Although Cyrillo later apologized for the remark, Richarlyson accused him of slander, saying he wasn’t gay, and filed a criminal complaint.

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However, Judge Manoel Maximiano Junqueira Filho dismissed Richarlyson’s claim, ruling that he should leave the game if he was a homosexual. The judge continued that gays could play soccer, but “must form his own team and federation, setting up matches with those who want to play against him.”

Filho further elaborated that soccer is a “virile game” but “not homosexual”, and he added his fears that accepting gays into the national sport would lead to a “gay quota” among team rosters.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that some Brazilian players have appeared nude in gay magazines, but maintain their heterosexuality.

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They should all just forget it, and go out & enjoy Carnival!