Brazilian Maya Gabeira: Surfing’s New Size Queen

Pete Thomas of the LOS ANGELES TIMES has the enviable task of writing a piece on Brazilian surfing beauty Maya Gabeira.

Maya Gabreira Brazilian Surfer

Gabeira, who turned just 21 yesterday, is among the hottest female surfers on the planet - in more ways than one.

Tonight she will be at something called the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards in Anaheim. Thomas writes, “Gabeira is heavily favored to win the Women’s Overall Performance award for the second consecutive year.

The piece has details on her eclectic background. Her father was a notorious political dissident in Brazil and her mother is a fashion designer. She discovered the surfing culture in Australia and moved to Hawaii to chase the biggest ones she could find. Waves, that is.

Maya Gabreira Brazilian Surfer

And we know, this thread is worthless without pics.