Dwarf Soccer Team Becoming A Big Hit In Brazil

A little soccer team in the largest country in South America is proving to be a big sensation with the football-frenzied populace. And we do mean little.

Brazilian dwarf soccer team

The LONDON SUN has the snapshots & The DAILY TELEGRAPH has the story of a squad in Brazil featuring a roster entirely filled by dwarves (or midgets, or vertically-challenged individuals, or whichever moniker makes you feel most comfortable).

And the team name they’ve given themselves? Gigantes del Norte. Translation: “Giants of the North.” Oh, the irony!

Brazilian dwarf soccer team

Yet, the pint-sized pitchmen are becoming a huge hit with Brazilian fans, with their games against under-13 opponents “drawing massive crowds” in their home base of the city of Belem.

So, was the team put together as some sort of small joke? Not at all:

Managed by professional coach Carlos Lucena, the Giants were put together in an effort to raise the profile of dwarves in Brazilian society and challenge ’sizeist’ attitudes.

Brazilian dwarf soccer team

And it’s definitely a lot less demeaning than dwarf tossing or dwarf bowling.