Basketbrawl Breaks Out In Ala. HS Playoff Game

I always thought that football was the only sport they took seriously down in SEC country, but apparently basketball is pretty important as well. On Tuesday night, Carver-Montgomery High School and Valley High School were facing off in the Alabama state playoffs when a fight broke out during the fourth quarter.

Georgia High School Basketball Brawl

There was 6:23 left in the game when Enrique Florence of Valley shoved Carver’s Roquez Johnson, and what started as a shoving match between the two players quickly turned into an all-out brawl featuring members of the team’s benches and people in the crowd. Of course, what fun is reading about a fight when you can see video of it after the jump?

(Kudos to MDS at FANHOUSE for the clip)

Now while both schools are promising to take action against any of their students who were involved in the fight, with suspensions and possible expulsions looming, there is still a larger issue looming. This was a state playoffs game that obviously was not finished, so there was no winner determined.


Coaches and officials from both schools met about 7 p.m. with AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese as they tried to sort out the details and determine a winner.

Savarese wouldn’t comment on the fight.

Carver officials said Savarese told them he would inform both schools of the resolution, but no timetable was given for his ruling.

Carver led 52-37 at the time of the fight, so obviously they’re pretty eager to find out who is going to be awarded the victory. Also, when considering that a Valley player started it by shoving a Carver player, it seems pretty cut and dry.

Still, let’s hope this Steve Savarese isn’t a complete moron. You know who should be ruled the winner of this game? Neither team. Eliminate them both from the playoffs and Talladega High School should just get a bye in the next round.

How in the hell the AHSAA can even think of rewarding one of these schools after what transpired on Tuesday night completely baffles me. It sends kind of a bad message, don’t you think?