Braves Minor League Manager Melts Down. Again.

Who says there’s no such thing as organizational personality. Following in the footsteps of Bobby Cox’s ML record 145 ejections, Braves minor league coaches seem to be upholding a tradition of epic manager meltdowns. Thursday, it was Class-A Rome (Ga.) Braves manager Randy Ingle showing you don’t need to be insane to argue a call, but it helps.

Randy Ingle

The scene - a tie ball game in the top of the 10th inning, when a Braves batter hits what appears to be a home run down the left field line. While the batter rounds the bases and the team celebrates, home plate umpire Erik Hill rules the ball foul. After the jump, we break down the video of Ingle’s tirade, and rate it on the usual scale of ten Piniellas.

  • Initial restraint: 5 Piniellas. Ingle resorts to the usual tactics of yelling in the umpire’s face and waving his arms around to show those out of earshot just how upset he is. Doesn’t even get ejected yet. While overheated, he gives no indication about what’s to come.
  • Meltdown moment: 7 Piniellas. At the 0:29 mark of the video, seemingly out of nowhere, Ingle flings his helmet toward the stands. Did he injure any fans? We don’t know, and it’s clear Ingle doesn’t care. He’s crossed the point of no return, and finally gets ejected.
  • Coronary potential: 9 Piniellas. Here’s where Ingle really shines. He bellows at the ump, turning visibly red. At this point fans were taking cover, expecting his neck veins to explode at any second. When a second ump intervenes, and the home plate ump tries to walk away, Ingle goes right through him to continue the argument.
  • Creativity: 9 Piniellas. Ingle strides to third, pries the base loose and plants it in the shortstop hole. At the 1:28 mark, he signals foul ball, showing where the foul line would have to be for the home run to have been foul. I like it. To the point, demonstrative, and explains his grievance to all the deaf fans in the crowd.
  • Persistance: 3 Piniellas. And that’s all he has to say. Really, Randy? You couldn’t have flung the base into the outfield? You couldn’t have unloaded the bat racks onto the field? You couldn’t have run out to the foul pole and continued illustrating what you thought happened? I guess that’s why you’re only in Single-A, but you’ll learn.

Overall: 6 Piniellas. A quality rant, and it’s gone viral, so it’s successful in that right. But a calm discussion with the home plate umpire might have caused him to consult with the other ump, and — who knows — even overturn the call. Instead Rome lost in 11 innings. Randy, here’s your homework. Check out this video of Double-A manager Phillip Wellman’s 10-Piniella meltdown from two years ago. Watch it. Take it in. Learn from it. Then you’ll be climbing the ladder in no time.