Brave Man Photographs Cheerleaders For A Living

Hey, someone has to drive around and photograph all the college cheerleaders, then post the photos and break down their performances on his web site. That someone is Orlan Ree, Jr., editor of the Cheer Times. One of man’s finest inventions, in my opinion.

This isn’t just some eye candy receptacle: They’ve put a lot of work into this. Besides the photos, which aren’t salacious, there’s plenty of reporting about what it’s like to attend games at the various stadiums, prices for parking and concessions and so forth, and of course reports on the cheerleaders themselves. Following the jump, the shocking truth about the Michigan Wolverine football cheerleaders, and oh yeah, other photos via the link.

Ree makes these observations about the Michigan cheer squad:

Now, here is “hard to photograph” nuance about the Michigan spirit program. They don’t react well to photographers.

When I make this type of observation, it better be widespread and obvious, and with Michigan, sadly it is both.

I can pick any other school I have covered over the past three years, far and wide, and only two schools, Northwestern and Michigan, are guilty of the following. When shooting close to UM dancers or some cheerleaders, they don’t know how to respond as soon as they look into the lense. Instead of smiling or maintaining stage presence, they turn away. I hate to say this but I find such a reaction dumbfounding.

Like I just mentioned, not all cheerleaders are camera shy. Some will smile, pose, or maintain their on stage look.

Ree also photographs cheerleaders for SI.COM, which are featured in their Cheerleader of the Week section.

More photos here.

UPDATE: My mistake. He shoots NFL cheerleaders as well.

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