Was Brandon Spikes Gouged By UGA Player First?

Brandon Spikes was suspended for a half by Florida coach Urban Meyer today for eye-gouging Georgia running back Waushaun Ealey in the third quarter of the Georgia-Florida game on Saturday.

Brandon Spikes Gets Eye Gouged Himself First By Georgia Player

(One of two times UGA pulled off Spikes helmet during a play)

Why did Spikes do it? Perhaps because he was eye gouged himself by Georgia fullback Shaun Chapas in the first quarter of the same game, along with getting his helmet ripped off and hit in the head by helmeted Bulldog Josh Davis after the play.

Brandon Spikes Gets Eye Gouged Himself First By Georgia Player

How come there’s been no talk of disciplining those Georgia players after that incident?

The video of the Spikes-Ealey gouging was on YouTube as early as Saturday night. This new video hasn’t come to light, at least publicly, until today. Thanks to blogs, the YouTube video of Spikes gouging Ealey soon hit the main media, and forced Meyer to address it.

Will Georgia Coach Mark Richt now address his own player, Chapas, gouging Spikes earlier in the game? We’ll see after practice in Athens today.

Should Georgia’s Shaun Chapas Been Suspended For Gouging Brandon Spikes?

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Video of Spikes getting gouged after the jump.