Brandon Marshall Adores Denver (Ha, Not Really)

OK, let’s look on the bright side. When Brandon Marshall is driving drunk and being hauled to jail for refusing a breath test, at least he’s not beating up his girlfriend. But if he’s looking for someone to show up with some cash to bail him out of jail after his next offense, I wouldn’t advise using his one phone call to contact anyone in the city of Denver.

Brandon Marshall

It seems that when Marshall said recently he wanted to be traded, he wasn’t kidding. According to a police report recently obtained from a Denver TV station, the Broncos receiver went on an angry tirade against the city of Denver when he was stopped on suspicion of DUI in Oct. of 2007. Key quote: “I hate Denver. I hope I get traded. I hate this f******* city.”

That should look nice on a billboard, eh?

During his 2007 hissy fit, Marshall berated police for stopping him and not finding the killer of fellow Bronco Darrent Williams.

Marshall was arrested on suspicion of DUI on Oct. 22, 2007, and according to the police report, he started verbally attacking the city of Denver and saying he wanted to leave the Broncos.

“That’s bull****, that’s a lie. Why aren’t you guys out looking for William’s killer?” Marshall said. “I hate Denver. I hope I get traded. I hate this f******* city,” an officer wrote in the police report.

“I want to go home, how ’bout that?” the report says when Marshall was asked whether he wanted to submit to a breathalyzer test. He eventually did. The result of that test showed that he had a blood alcohol content level of 0.116.

Full police report here.

Predictably, Broncos fans are taking the news with tolerance and understanding. From the ABC7-TV message board:

  • Its a shame someone with such great physical abilities would not have more cerebral capacity. Coach, you know what you need to do. I can get behind a group of team players that will have only a better than average season, but in all liklihood they will have a great season. — BollWeevil
  • Sold out crowds, fans across the region, 300 days of sunshine/year…yeah Denver’s a horrible city. I hope you get traded to Detroit. — Ben
  • u r a douch — Dave
  • Adios you foul mouthed infantile prima dona. Good riddance. Denver doesn’t need you. — Guest
  • it’s spelled douche — Guest

So, will there be some sort of damage control in the coming weeks? If not, that first Denver home game is going to be interesting.