Brandon Marshall Complains About Broncos Fans Bolting Early From Chargers Rout

BRONCO PLAYER ACCUSES FANS OF LEAVING CRIME SCENE: Second-year Denver Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall showed everyone just how discriminating a fan he is Sunday night after the Broncos were savaged by SD 41-3.

Broncos Fan

Marshall told the media after the game that he was appalled that ticket-buying Broncos fans (average ticket price: $75) who left early (nearly all of them before the final gun) weren’t true fans: “If you’re going to be a Broncos fan, be a Broncos fan. Don’t boo us when we’re down. That’s bandwagon. When we start winning, then what?”

Broncos Fans

Marshall went on to mock Colorado Rockies fans about turning out for their team after the baseball team’s improbably late season run: “At the beginning of the (baseball) season, were you filling the stands? Now you all want to fill the stands. Do the same thing for us, but 100 percent all the time. When we’re losing, you all stay in those seats.

Meanwhile, Broncos receiver Brandon Stokely disagreed: “I don’t blame them at all. I wouldn’t have stayed around to watch that. There was nothing good about that game.

Think Stokely will soon get a talking-to from fan behavioral expert Marshall?