Brandon Jennings & the N—- in His Neighborhood

Brandon Jennings has not been shy about blazing his own way.  After starting at Compton Dominguez High School (which has its own problems recently), he transferred to basketball powerhouse Oak Hill Academy for graduation.   He took the Tim Floyd college path, signing up with USC and then Arizona for college before failing the entrance exam and heading to Europe for his forced sabbatical before the 2009 NBA Draft.

Eddie Murphy

(No, it was a different word…)

Therefore, no one should show a bit of shock that Jennings has shown a penchant for holding strong opinions and then sharing them through the Interwebs.  That’s why the newest Buck’s latest words about his “n****” Scott Skiles, those “n*****” Knicks fans, and the “bum-a** n****” Like Ridnour. (Hey, he wasn’t going to learn more English in Greece during his winter abroad.)

The exchange happened on Webcam between Jennings and alleged rapper Joe Budden with Jennings on speakerphone.  (THE SPORTING NEWS is clear that we can’t be sure it’s Jennings, but Jennings posted on his suddenly-defunct Twitter page that he would be doing something online with Budden online at the time this was recorded.)

That’s right; the formerly expressive Jennings has disappeared from the Internet, probably to be micromanaged and kept on message for the next three years.  Let’s hope this is merely temporary while a thesaurus is shipped to his new Milwaukee home.