Brandon Jennings On ‘race of women I mess with’

Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks calls himself ‘Yung Buck‘ on Twitter so I suppose it’s no wonder that today he was contemplating the race of women he dates. Some excerpts:

Brandon Jennings On Twitter

Imma change my race of women I mess with.

I like white girls, light skin, asian girls, thai girls, now.

Before you react, there’s more after the jump.

Man Jo I like all type. Of women. God made beautiful women

(true story) all my life I only dated black girls. Nothing against any other race. I love that black women are Strong!

The last two comments came after Jennings’ initial Tweets (above the jump). His subsequent notation of only dating black women to this point in his life sounds like he was backpedaling after some of his black female followers put him on blast.

In the aftermath of Tiger Woods‘ string of barbie-esque bimbos, the timing of those first two Tweets couldn’t have been worse for Jennings. But he quickly attempted to make amends with his followers.

Buck is indeed ‘yung’. But he’s learning.