Inge Put on DL After Losing Pillow Fight to Pillow

Brandon Inge was ready to hit the sack Monday night, but the sack hit back. And now the Detroit Tigers’ utility man is headed for the disabled list.

Brandon Inge Detroit Tigers

The DETROIT FREE PRESS fluffs up the news that Inge is off the roster with a pulled oblique muscle - all because he tried to move his kid’s pillow:

Inge said he aggravated the injury moving a pillow for his three-year-old Monday night. He said if not for that mishap, he probably would have tried to continue to play with the injury, which he said has bothered him since he suffered it on June 1 in Seattle.

When informed of Inge’s odd injury, manager Jim Leyland could only respond, “That’s a first.” And really, what more can be said?

Inge was scheduled to start as catcher tonight against the Cardinals, but the only thing he’ll be trying to catch now is a few Z’s.

Beware of the pillows, Brandon! You don’t want to lose an arm!