Brandi Chastain’s Bra Held Up in Bankruptcy Court

When you hear the name Brandi Chastain, one indelible & memorable image undoubtedly comes to mind:

Brandi Chastain bra

As you sit and stare at the snapshot above, you’re probably thinking, “Hey, I wonder what ever happened to Brandi’s sports bra? Surely a garment of such historic sports magnitude must be proudly on display in one of our nation’s many majestic museums!” (Or you’re more likely thinking, “Dude! She took off her shirt! Sweet!”)

Well, Brandi’s bra was a mighty museum memento for a while, but not anymore. So where is it now?

Answer: In a storage facility in New Jersey.

The WALL STREET JOURNAL reports that Chastain’s undergarment is just one of many famous athletic artifacts held up in legal limbo, as the Sports Museum of America goes through bankruptcy proceedings. Open for business since last May, the New York-based museum recently filed for Chapter 7, and to satisfy creditors, all the museum’s assets were seized - including some stuff from well-known sports stars.

Among the items sitting with Brandi’s bra in a Newark storage locker: Tony Hawk’s childhood skateboard, a pair of Richard Petty’s sunglasses, a gold medal won by Jesse Owens, a cycling jersey worn by Lance Armstrong, a no-hitter baseball thrown by Randy Johnson, and other fabulous prizes.

Any lenders who want their items back are free to retrieve them - but it’s going to cost a pretty penny:

“The court wants $1,500 to give me my stuff back,” skateboarder Tony Hawk wrote — along with other strong words of frustration — on his Twitter micro-blogging page.

And if Chastain wants her bra back, she’ll need to slap down $250, plus shipping. Otherwise, everything could end up on the auction block. But Brandi doesn’t seem too bothered about the impending wardrobe loss, saying, “Thank goodness I have another one.”

Now I suppose I could show some photos of some of the famous items that might soon be up for bids. But instead, how about some more classic pics of Brandi wearing even less than a sports bra?

Brandi Chastain nude

Brandi Chastain nude