Brady Quinn Not Really That Busy On Sundays

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn is still worthy of your unsavory dreams and lascivious aspirations, despite spending his rookie year on the bench and out of the limelight.

brady quinn sandwich

Does this mean he’ll be back on that Subway float tossing sandwiches to passers-by?

Quinn received the “compliment” of “Sizemoresque,” a reference to fellow Cleveland athlete Grady Sizemore. Oddly, Quinn seems to be holding his own as a star on a team where he doesn’t even play. From the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER:

The challenger is extremely confident, even after a year of enforced idleness, although he knows Anderson is the incumbent. “I understand that,” said Quinn. “I have to play as if I’m ignorant of the facts of the matter. I have to play as if it is an open competition.”

Brayden Tyler Quinn seems too perfect, a Central Casting creation. He’s a Dublin, Ohio guy, from the most illustrious football school in the country, with Sizemoresque looks.

His humble task is to prove a hero, football or otherwise, isn’t a sandwich.

Wow, that’s some serious journo-p0rn there. I feel kinda dirty now. You can enjoy this while I scrub myself down with scalding hot water.

Busy? Busy being drooled on by local beat writers, maybe. This guy’s column should have been recited orally on Cinemax.