Brady Quinn Gives Game-Worn Jersey To Family In Memory of Daughter

QUINN SENDS FAMILY JERSEY IN MEMORY OF DAUGHTER: Say what you will about Brady Quinn and all his goofy pictures floating around the Internet. When it comes to important matters, the Cleveland QB has a heart:

Brady Quinn Browns

FIRST AND 10 INCHES has a personal story about Brady coming through for a family in mourning.A sister of one of the site’s close friends was tragically killed in a car accident on Thanksgiving morning. As the site explained, the woman was a life-long Browns fan - even eating a dog bone in her younger days to prove her team loyalty:

Never saying an unkind word about anyone – although I can remember a few choice thoughts on Charlie Frye, but in hindsight they may have been warranted – she was truly one of a kind.”

The victim was from Dublin, OH, the same hometown as Quinn. Brady found out about the story, and although he never met her, he had a gift delivered to the woman’s family.

It was Brady’s game-worn jersey from week 2 of the season, with a signature reading, “To the [Redacted] Family, in memory of [Redacted]. – Brady Quinn.”

Such a generous act wasn’t the first time Brady reached out to fans in times of trouble. Earlier this year, 11-year-old Quinn fan Dyan Orr was suffering from a terminal bone disease.

Dyan Orr

When Brady heard of the young girl’s condition, he sent the young girl an autographed jersey. And in what she called the greatest moment of her life, Quinn called Dyan to talk to her in person.Sadly, Dyan passed away last June. Her family has a website in her honor to help find a cure for her diseases.