Brady Quinn Assures You Of His Straightness

So there you are, doing your nightly porn-surf, when your eyes accidentally scan the sidebar ads and there, looking back up at you, is none other than sometimes-Cleveland Browns quarterback and full-time beefcake Brady Quinn!

Brady Quinn ad closeup

(Touchdown Jesus, indeed!)

No, it’s not a nightmare young one. It’s a reality. And Quinn is none too happy about it, sending his lawyers in immediately to do a little cease-and-desisting with the website. TMZ.COM has the details after the jump.

NFL baller Brady Quinn wants to make one thing clear: He’ll huddle up with sweaty, muscular men — he just won’t date ‘em. No matter what a gay dating website is leading people to believe.A topless — and really, really hot — photo of the Cleveland Browns quarterback has been used to promote a dating website for months. The only problem — nobody cleared it with Brady!

A rep for the Cleveland Browns tells us Brady had no knowledge of the ad saying, “He was not involved in posting photos.”

Brady’s lawyer has already taken action and has sent a cease and desist letter to the website today, demanding all photos of him be removed ASAP.

For the record, Brady is straight … not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Maybe Quinn should take some tips from these illustrious folk for how to handle being mired in a gay (and fabulous!) scandal. But if he’s going to be consulting Kordell Stewart, best make sure they focus on this and not, say, advice about actual football.

*UPDATE*: Looks like the folks over at Towleroad were the first on the scene, including the awesome original photo. That’s some fine police work there, Lou.