Brady Quinn And Ken Dorsey Compete For Bench

With the Browns locking in 24-year-old slow-footed mastodon and Pro Bowl alternate Derek Anderson to a 3-year deal, their quarterback situation would seem to be settled for at least a few years to come. Not so to the handsy Brady Quinn, ever the optimist.

Brady Quinn Browns sideline

According to Michael David Smith at FANHOUSE, cocksure Quinn said he welcomes the competition that Horse Balls offers until he inevitably unseats him as the Browns’ starter, of course of course.

“We’re both obviously good quarterbacks. It puts us in a good position if anything were ever to happen. “

O RLY, said Browns’ GM Phil Savage, adding:

“When you sign a contract like we did with Derek, I don’t think there’s going to be an ‘open competition’. We go in with Derek as the lead horse. You don’t sign a contract like that and say, ‘hey, it’s an open competition’.”

You’ll always have the lead in off-the-field hijinx, Brady. That counts for a lot with we bloggers.

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